Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mid Summers Dream...

Do you ever see something that you just can't forget??? Well, for me it has been this
Pinwheel Sampler Quilt (click for better view)
created by none other than Rachel Griffith of P.S. i quilt
 (and her bee members)

Rachel recently had a quilt along, for a smaller version of a pinwheel sampler, using one layer cake and background fabric. 

It was hugely popular (over 375 signed up):

Yes, I signed up but was paralyzed by what layer cake to use.  Well, I have since decided and gotten permission from Rachel to share this quilt with you for inspiration.  I would like to have you members of my bee help me create my own version of a pinwheel sampler quilt.

I will not be sending a pattern because I want you to choose your favorite pinwheel pattern and make it for my quilt.  I WILL be providing the fabrics and ask that you have fun and create a pinwheel block 12 1/2" unfinished (that would be 12" finished).  IF you would like and have time to create more than one block please let me know now (I will be shipping no later than July 5th, hopefully before) and I will be more than happy to send extra fabric so you have a variety. (this would be most appreciated but, not expected).

I am asking that everyone  PLEASE only use the fabrics I send  (no, I am not a fabric snob).  I have a vision as to how I want this quilt to finish and staying within my fabric choices is part of that.  I will be using two fabric lines Bubble Gum Basics and Simply Sweet by Barbara Jones of Henry Glass.  If you have a color choice within these two lines I will do my best to accommodate, other wise I will send a mix of my choice.

I hope you are enjoying your summer and that you have lots of time to spend time with those you love and do the things you like!  Thanks so much for your time!

Piecefully, Kim

**and yes, I do feel guilty posting my request when I haven't finished  up all my obligations.  Soon, very soon...  I would not be able to send "stuff out" until I have sent yours, that is just me!**

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