Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 2010

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your patience this month. I am late getting stuff out to you all. But I am currently working on cutting up my fabric and shipping it out this week. I just started moving around this last weekend after being ill for 2 weeks. Sorry for the delay.

I am thinking about having you do a Duchman's Puzzle block for me using a Kona grey solid for the background and red, black and white prints for the triangles.

Photo courtesy of sonnetofthemoon from Modify Tradition


  1. Heidi, sounds like a wonderful choice of colors. Can't wait to see what my block will look like. Very elegant sounding color combination.

  2. Glad your getting back in the grove Heidi!Sooo excited...just waiting to get my machine back from it's yearly!

  3. Yeah!! Glad to hear you are up and getting around - it sounded a bit serious! Hope you are okay.

    I have never done flying geese (WHAT!!! I hear you say!) I can't wait to do this.


  4. sounds like fun! glad you're feeling better. nothing's worse than feeling sick.